Shummi Enterprice Co., Ltd


About shummi

History and Vision
Established in 1979 in Taiwan,
Shummi has been expanding the business and operation to world-class from a family-based factory.
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The core competence of Shummi is providing the full OEM and ODM solution of Oral Care products with high quality.

Toothbrushes, Power Toothbrushes, Floss, Floss Picks, InterDental Brushes are the main categories Shummi is engaged in, with continuous investment in R&D and operation.

Shummi’s vision and commitment is to provide reliable Oral Care product portfolio and sustainable business and innovation to the valued customers and end consumers.

Strategic Partner for Global Leading Brands
Shummi is recognized by global leading Oral Care brands and identified as strategic partner with the continuous dedication and investment in core capabilities of R&D and operational excellence over several decades. Now Shummi supplies billions of products to more than 100 markets every year.
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Operation Headquarter and Manufacturing Sites
Shummi is headquartered in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan since the establishment. There are two manufacturing campus in China, one in Shenzhen and the other in Hebei Province. The Hebei campus is as big as 40 soccer fields, which is close to Tienjin port, the biggest in North China. Shummi is rooted in the region for global operation and delivery.